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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls Survey Research Center (SRC) has been providing high quality, rigorous, and reasonably priced survey services to academics, non-profit organizations, local units of government, and other organizations since the mid-1990s.

The SRC conducts mail-out, on-line, telephone, and face-to-face surveys as well as other types of information gathering techniques, such as focus groups. The Center provides any survey-related service needed, including survey design and questionnaire critiques, survey logistics (copying, mailing, data input), data summary and interpretation, and report generation. The Center conducts 25 to 30 surveys a year for local units of government, academics, non-profits, universities, and others on a variety of topics.

The SRC is directed by Dr. David Trechter. Dr. Trechter, who has been at UW-River Falls since 1990, is chair of the Agriculture Economics Department and is also a statewide specialist with UW-Extension. In addition to Dr. Trechter, the SRC employs two Research Specialists, an Office Director, and 8 to 10 Student Assistants.


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