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Captions: Access for Students Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing; Benefits for All

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Cookie Roang, Joan-na; Schwanke, Todd
May 21, 2009
We are at a crossroads where there are many more types of media (DVDs, podcasts, YouTube, etc.) and more ways to use captions for students with and without disabilities. In this session, participants will learn about captions, the process of adding and delivering them, and their benefits for student learning. Beginning with activities to demonstrate the benefits of captions for access and instruction, we will share strategies, new technologies, captioning tools, and new procedures to help faculty deliver media with captions in the classroom. Participants will watch a video with and without captions and assess what they learn to highlight the importace of captioning for all learners.
Presentation for the Symposium for Teaching and Learning Excellence, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 26 February 2009.
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