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Development of an Online Tutorial for Nursing Students: Information Literacy

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Jarzemsky, Paula; Voge, Cassie
May 21, 2009
High-quality, online information sources relevant to current best practice serve nurses and student nurses. When surveyed about how they sought information needed for clinical practice, practicing nurses as well as many of our own UW-Madison nursing students indicated a preference for using mainstream internet sources (such as Google). In contrast, our library instruction emphasized how to search bibliographic databases. Based on this data, we developed an online tutorial that included a wider variety of information sources and tips for assessing their credibility. Our presentation will open with a general description of our process (survey development/results) that led to the development of the tutorial. We will then run the tutorial (10 minutes) and share student and faculty responses and plans for the future. Our goal is to help others learn how to develop their own tutorial or module relevant to their specific student population.
Presentation for the Symposium for Teaching and Learning Excellence, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 26 February 2009.
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