Programs within the Department of Counseling and School Psychology prepare individuals to enter professional roles in school and mental health settings. The department is unified by common goals of providing graduate education to prepare our students to be thoughtful, involved, and responsive professionals, particularly in meeting the needs of children, their families, and others in a collaborative and problem-solving fashion. Members of the department collaborate to insure that students develop expected proficiencies in their respective fields of study, consistent with state and national standards. Programs within the department adhere to the highest standards of the professions of counseling and school psychology.

Graduates from our programs will develop both the knowledge base of their respective professions, and interpersonal professional skills to work directly with children, and closely with parents, teachers, administrators, other school specialists, and community professionals, to provide support for learners with many needs. Graduates from our programs will value diversity and individual differences, and follow a commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

The Counseling and School Psychology Department consists of two separate graduate level programs. The Counseling Program leads to a Masters of Science in Education (M.S.E.), while the School Psychology Program culminates with a Specialist in Education (Ed.S.).

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