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Efforts to establish a GFP-ERV env expression vector using trophoblast cell cultures as target gene source.

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Schimmel, Sarah; Lyden, Timothy
Apr 2005
Molecular biology; Trophoblast; Trophoblast cell biology; Placenta; Placental studies; Placentology; Placental biology; Placental development; ERV provirus; Endogenous retroviral provirus; GFP expression vector; Cytoskeletal changes; Cell biology; Cloning
The purpose of this project is to clone the envelope gene of human endogenous retrovirus-W (hERV-W) into a commercial GFP containing expression vector. This is being pursued in order to generate a fusion gene for use as a marker in several of our placental studies. This gene, HERV-W was reported and subsequently confirmed to be the protein which mediates developmental cellular fusion in the trophoblast of normal human placenta. Our lab is very interested to construct this vector to aid in studies focused on cytoskeletal changes in the normal placental trophoblast.
Color poster with text describing research conducted by Sarah Schimmel and Dr. Timothy Lyden (University of Wisconsin-River Falls) that examines the effort to clone the syncytin gene into an eGFP expression vector for use in studies directed at defining the role and functions of cytoskeletal elements in normal endogenous retroviral mediated cellular fusion.
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