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    • Effects of fire on regional evapotranspiration in the central Canadian boreal forest 

      Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Peckham, Scott D.; Ewers, Brent E.; Gower, Stith T. (2009)
      Changes in fire regimes are driving the carbon balance of much of the North American boreal forest, but few studies have examined fire-driven changes in evapotranspiration (ET) at a regional scale. This study used a version ...
    • Patterns and Mechanisms of the Forest Carbon Cycle 

      Gower, Stith T. (Annual Reviews Energy and Environment, 2003)
      Forests are an important source for ?ber and fuel for humans and contain the majority of the total terrestrial carbon (C). The amount of C stored in the vegetation and soil are strongly in?uenced by environmental constraints ...