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Applications of Chimu administrative architecture : an analysis of architectural form and function in the Moche Valley, Peru

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Piekarski, Joe A.
Archaeological Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Jun 2007
Chimu Indians -- Peru -- Moche River Valley -- Antiquities; Chan Chan Site (Peru); Chimu architecture -- Peru -- Moche River Valley
Through the comparative analysis of the U-shaped structures called audiencias found at the Chim? capital city of Chan Chan in Peru and the contextual analysis of those structures to similar architectural forms and associative structures such as storage and burials, this paper discusses how particular architectural form can be related directly to the archaeological analysis of that architectures function. The standardized form of the audiencia is described as well as how it relates to the architecture of the large ciudadelas, or royal compounds, in which they reside. U-shaped structures across both temporal and spatial distances are discussed, especially those of the Late Chim? Period of occupation. The overall relationship between architectural form and the administration of people and resources is discussed with reference to the audiencia as an evolving tool for the administration of information, labor, and goods within the Peruvian coastal region. A final conclusion postulates the wide ranging uses of an architectural method as a primary analytical device that assists in cultural analysis.
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