It is widely recognized that quality is fundamental to achieving long-term success. A renewed focus on customers and processes sets the stage for continuous improvement for industry, government, educational institutions, healthcare, and businesses. All have benefited from higher quality and productivity as well as reduced time and cost to develop, produce, deliver products and services, and improve safety. Data-based total quality methods are the catalyst to help people achieve these benefits.

To rise to the challenge of the international quality revolution,the Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement (CQPI) was founded in October of 1985 by Professor George E.P. Box and the late Professor William G. Hunter.

Since its inception, CQPI has been at the forefront in the development of new techniques for improving the quality of products and processes. Today, the Center is also at the forefront of methods aimed at improving the quality of work processes, quality of working life, and quality of health care.

The mission of the Center is to create, integrate and transfer knowledge to improve the quality and performance of industrial, service, governmental, health care, educational, social and other organizations.

The vision of the Center is to excel in the advancement and integration of knowledge through research on theories, concepts, and methodologies of quality and productivity measurement, management and improvement, innovation and organizational change. In turn, we work with diverse organizations by applying the knowledge gained in these areas to their operations and management philosophy.

Over the years, the Center's faculty have received 18 international quality awards. The Center's faculty, staff, and students have authored and/or issued over 160 reports, of which more than 45,000 copies have been distributed.

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