The Engine Research Center is a major research and educational institution investigating the fundamentals and applications of internal combustion engines. The Engine Research Center (ERC), a U.S. Army Center of Excellence, is devoted to fundamental research on spark ignition and diesel engines. It is one of several such programs in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Department of Mechanical Engineering in which faculty members work together to secure outside funds for research projects, advise graduate students, report on their work to the profession, and develop courses and textbooks based on their activities.

The ERC's projects involve fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, sprays, emissions and health effects, lubrication, and powertrain systems. Particular emphasis has been placed on the application of optical diagnostic methods to engines, and computational fluid modeling of engine processes. The center's facilities include an array of lasers, instrumentation, emissions measurement systems, single-cylinder engine test stands and computers, including an SGI 32 processor ORIGIN 2000. MS and PhD students who have graduated from this program hold leadership positions in industry and at major universities.

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