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    • Feasibility of rehabilitating timber bridges with mechanically fastened FRP strips 

      Oliva, Michael; Schorer, Alyssa E.; Bank, Lawrence C.; Rammer, Douglas R.; Wacker, James P. (Midwest Regional University Transportation Center, 2008-06)
      Many timber trestle railroad bridges in Wisconsin have experienced deterioration and are in need of rehabilitation. In addition, the railroad industry is increasing the weights of cars. The combined effect of heavier loads ...
    • Rapid strengthening of reinforced concrete bridges 

      Oliva, Michael; Bank, Lawrence C.; Borowicz, David T.; Arora, Dushyant (Wisconsin Highway Research Program, 2003-10)
      An innovative technique for repairing reinforced concrete beams (or slabs) by attaching FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) strengthening strips to the underside of the beam using powder actuated fasteners and mechanical anchors ...
    • Specification and design of fiber reinforced bridge deck forms for use on wide flange t-girders 

      Russell, Jeffrey; Bentur, Amon; Malla, Ajaya P.; Oliva, Michael; Shapira, Aviad; Bank, Lawrence C. (Wisconsin Highway Research Program, 2007-10)
      Wide-flanged concrete girders are increasingly being used for highway bridges in Wisconsin. These girders are closely spaced and have very small clear gaps between the girder flanges making conventional plywood formwork ...