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Land reform and resettlement in Zimbabwe : proposal for a cooperative agreement with the Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Bruce, John W.; Roth, Michael J.
remaining amount (US$300,000) is programmed for the BASIS CRSP1 to support collaborative research and capacity building activities. Both sub-programs will be contained in one grant to the Land Tenure Center (LTC) which will be responsible for all subcontracting activity. LTC will subcontract to manage the project in partnership with a Zimbabwean institution with a strong policy study capability, and the program will be reviewed annually by a Project Management Committee on which relevant agencies in Government and civil society are represented. USAID/Global is expected to provide further financial support through its contribution to the BASIS CRSP. Cost sharing is also being provided by U.S. collaborating institutions working under the CRSP. Work is anticipated to commence in or around September 1999 and continue through August 2002.; Zimbabwe
This proposal outlines the broad details of a Cooperative Agreement between USAID/Zimbabwe and the Land Tenure Center of the University of Wisconsin to provide technical assistance, training, capacity building and research in support of Zimbabwe’s Land Reform and Resettlement Program II (LRRP II). A budget totaling just under US$1.5 million over a three-year period has been agreed upon. The bulk of these funds will be used to provide support for studies, training and technical assistance activities. The
31 p., Drafted.
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