The University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Consortium, housed in Academic and Student Services (ACSS), works to ensure the continued development of Women's Studies in the UW System, to maintain our current national prominence in the field, and to create a unique inter-institutional model for educational innovation. The Consortium serves as the formal organization of the fourteen campus-based Women's Studies programs and UW Extension.

Focuses on initiatives in instruction, research, outreach, library resource development and international programs.

Encourages all the UW System Women's Studies programs to fulfill central goals of the mission of the University, leading to the continued growth and development of education by, for, and about women in the State of Wisconsin.

Offers, through its Women's Studies programs, approximately 300 courses to a total of over 8,000 students yearly.

Promotes communication and collaboration among the System's Women's Studies departments, programs, research centers, faculty members and scholars.

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