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Feminist Collections, v.20, no.3 (spring 1999)

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Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism; Library Resources; Reviews; Academy/Community Connections; Action-oriented research; Feminist Activism
Subtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. 58p.
Contents: Special Issue on Academy/Community Connections. FROM THE EDITORS. THE ENERGIZING TENSION BETWEEN SCHOLARS AND ACTIVISTS: Negotiating Class Interests and Academy-Community Divides: The Case of Women's Studies' Emergence at the University of Minnesota, by Catherine M. Orr. Returning to out Activist Roots and Achieving Tenure Along the Way, by Sandra Krajewski. Community Engagement Anxiety, by Janna J. Hansen. Balancing Feminist Activism(s): Locally, Nationally, in Academia, by Jessica C. Haney. A Family Therapy Program: The University Meets the Community, by Carolyn Wright. BEYOND TRADITIONAL ACADEMIC BOUNDARIES: Integrated Studies: A Second Chance for Women at the Erie House, by Adriela Fernandez. "I Want to Be a Cowboy, Sweetheart": Music and Women's Studies, by Gerri Gribi. Talking Across Differences: A Symposium for Dialogue Between Academics and Activists, by Deborah Uman and Elisabeth Sheff. Can We Talk? Collaborative Conversations between Academics and Activists, by Anne Statham and Katherine Rhoades. Leadership Development in a Community Context, by Margaret Ingram King. Taking Root, Growing, Evolving: Reaching Low-Income Women with Education, by Bets Reedy. CONNECTING STUDENTS WITH THE COMMUNITY: Community Partnership: University Students Providing Rape Crisis Intervention, by Susan C. Turell. "Why Shop? Week": Shopping, Service Learning, and Student Activism, by Kayann Short. When the Community is the Curriculum: Teaching Women's Activisms and Organizations, by Judith McDaniel. Building Bridges: An Oral History Project with Feminist Community Agencies, by Anne Marie Pois. Creating a Women's Studies Internship Course: Building Links with the Community, by Linda Nielsen. Women Changing the World: A Course in Community Collaboration, by Bronna Romanoff, Chrys Ingraham, Pat Dinkelaker, and Jennifer MacLaughlin. SHORT TAKES ON OTHER PROJECTS: "Isn't Just Being Here Political Enough?": Feminist Action-oriented Research as a Challenge to Graduate Women's Studies, by Michelle Dodds, Jacky Coates, and Jodi Jensen. The Women's Studies Community Connection: A "Friends" Group, by Esther Lichti. Exploring Activism Within and Outside the University Community, by Jennifer Scanlon. The Women Involved in Living and Learning Program: Balancing Theory and Practice, Bridging Classroom and Community, by Holly Blake and Allison Kimmich. WORLD WIDE WEB REVIEW: Women and Music on the Web, by Nancy M. Lewis. BOOKS RECENTLY RECEIVED.
University of Wisconsin System
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