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Creation of land markets in transition countries : implications for the institutions of land administration

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Stanfield, David; Gibbard, Roger; Markwell, Susan
Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Land use Government policy Europe, Eastern; Land use Economic aspects Europe, Eastern; Land tenure Government policy Europe, Eastern; Privatization Europe, Eastern; Post-communism; Land administration Europe, Eastern; Land administration Albania; Land markets Europe, Eastern; Land markets Albania
Working paper, no. 29. Albania series
This paper describes (1) the processes of privatization of land management in selected transition countries and (2) the post-privatization changes in land administration institutions which are being crafted to establish land markets. It begins with the proposition that there are similar land market institutional problems which most "transition" countries are facing, due largely to common experiences in creating command economies during the past 50-80 years and the almost simultaneous decisions of these countries to move toward market political economies in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Each country has had unique historical experiences, but this paper proposes that there is enough similar institutional history among the transition countries to venture into comparative analysis. In this regard, the Albanian experience with land market institutional development is presented as being potentially relevant to experiences in other transition countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union. The broad question is: How can countries construct the institutions of immovable property markets once they have made the political-economic decision to "go market"?
iii, 20 p.
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