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Agricultural land protection policy for Albania : lessons from Western Europe, North America and Japan

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Jacobs, Harvey Martin; University of Wisconsin--Madison. Land Tenure Center.; Albania. Immovable Property Registration and Market Action Plan (Project). Project Management Unit.
Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Land use, Rural Government policy Europe; Land use, Rural Government policy Canada; Land use, Rural Government policy United States; Land use, Rural Government policy Japan; Land use, Rural Law and legislation; Agriculture and state Albania; Agricultural planning Albania
Working paper, no. 6. Albania series
This report has been prepared as one effort to assist the Albanian government in formulating a policy approach appropriate to the conditions and culture of their country. The goal of this report is to examine the approach to agricultural land protection in other parts of the world, for the lessons they can provide to Albania. There is little recent literature on the subject of agricultural land protection policies. Most of the articles found in the English-language literature are six to ten years old, and in turn often rely on other sources that are several years older still. Thus, this survey should be viewed as a somewhat dated catalog of policy approaches which have been used at various times in the respective jurisdictions rather than as a statement of the current policy structure of a particular jurisdiction.
iii, 24 p.
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