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Preparation of action plan for protection of land in Albania

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Bockheim, James G.; University of Wisconsin--Madison. Land Tenure Center.; Albania. Immovable Property Registration and Market Action Plan (Project). Project Management Unit.
Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Agricultural conservation Albania; Land use Albania Planning; Land degradation Albania Prevention
Working paper, no. 8. Albania series
The degradation of Albania's land resources is a serious impediment to the welfare of the people of Albania as well as that of future generations. Resolving land degradation requires the concerted action of governmental and nongovernmental agencies. The purpose of this paper is to describe how a Land Protection Action Plan could be developed. There are three general types of land degradation which this Land Protection Action Plan would attempt to solve: excessive soil erosion, contamination of surface and ground water, and unguided urbanization on high-quality agricultural land. The paper goes on to describe the steps to be taken to prepare the action plan, including documenting problems, identifying high-risk areas, identifying and carrying out needed research, designing educational programs, reviewing and preparing legislation, developing an investment program for land protection, and monitoring the evolution of different types of land degradation. The paper also describes the implementation of such an action plan.
iii, 24 p.
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