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Land and agrarian reform in the Kyrgyz Republic

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Bloch, Peter C.; Delehanty, James M.; Roth, Michael J.
Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Land reform Kyrgyzstan; Land tenure Kyrgyzstan; Land tenure Government policy Kyrgyzstan; Land titles Registration and transfer Kyrgyzstan; Agrarian structure Kyrgyzstan; Land administration Kyrgyzstan
Research paper, no. 128
This report presents LTC's findings and recommendations on the land tenure transition. The information contained in this report has been used to prepare a second document, Land and Agrarian Reform in the Kyrgyz Republic: Consolidation Plan, that proposes a set of actions to ensure that the reforms are completed and produce a viable, market-oriented, agricultural sector. Chapter 1 offers baseline geographic information on the KR, an account of the macroeconomic environment in which reforms are taking place, a brief project history, and a description of the research methods. Chapter 2 chronicles the legal and regulatory changes that have driven land and agrarian reform in the KR since 1991 and evaluates this legislation for its legal consistency, underlying economic assumptions, and broad policy implications. Chapter 3 employs national land statistics to describe changes in the agrarian structure that have resulted from the legal and regulatory evolution during 1991-1995, including the number and size of farms, land use, and related indicators of land tenure change and agrarian reform. Chapter 4 reviews the structure, function, and efficacy of administrative bodies that set and enforce land and land reform policy, recommends administrative adjustments, and identifies land administration tasks the state can eliminate-and others it will need to bolster-as the KR completes its transition from command structures to market principles in agriculture. Finally, Chapter 5 uses data obtained in structured surveys and case studies conducted by LTC on a 10 percent sample of former state and collective farms to describe at the farm level the successes and shortcomings of reform measures to date; the chapter also makes recommendations for new or altered land reform policies and procedures.
Table of Contents
Contents: Overview / by Peter Bloch and James Delehanty -- Legal underpinnings of land reform and farm restructuring in the Kyrgyz Republic : assessment and recommendations / by Michael Roth and Larry Church -- Agrarian structure / by James Delehanty and Katie Rasmussen -- Land administration and immovable property registration / by Peter Bloch, Eric Gilbert, and David Stanfield -- Dimensions of farm restructuring in the Kyrgyz Republic : assessment of farm-level processes and constraints / by Michael Roth ... [et al.]
vii, 130 p.
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