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Chronology of alumni affairs and traditions at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

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Kennedy, Eleanor M.
Smith, Norene A.
MS, Education, Student Personnel Services
Jun 1976
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse -- Alumni and alumnae; University of Wisconsin - La Crosse -- History; University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. Foundation -- History
This writing is intended to document certain facts relating to the intent, perpetuity, and present status of what is collectively termed "alumni affairs" on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus. The years covered, 1910-1976, span the progressive stages in the life of the University -its beginning as The La Crosse State Normal School to the La Crosse State Teachers College; to the Wisconsin State College -La Crosse; then to the Wisconsin State University -La Crosse; to its present designation as the University of Wisconsin -La Crosse. It is not intended that a complete composite history of all alumni activities will be recorded or that a complete accounting of all alumni gifts to the University will be represented. The main purpose of the paper is to provide some chronological data and color that will serve as a resource for further study or exploration. Of importance is the intent to give recognition to many La Crosse Normal School, College, and University alumni and faculty for extra curricular efforts and contributions to the institution. It is further intended to demonstrate that a spirit of genuine loyalty and tradition exists on this campus -now, as in the past. Information gathered in this paper may be useful to the Alumni Office and other units having contact with alumni. Both primary and secondary sources have been employed in gathering data. The area research section of the Murphy Library has been an excellent source of information. The bound volumes of The Racquet provide a complete chronological resource. The Racquet annuals have also been helpful. Additional information has come from the alumni publications that first were published in April, 1941. This paper represents what seem to be four natural divisions or separate eras. The earliest period encompasses the first years through the mid-twenties covering the original period of growth. The second era spans the mid-twenties to the early forties. The next era encompasses the early 1940's to the mid-sixties and the final period covers 1964 to the present date, 1976.
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