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Feminist Collections, v.13, no.1 (fall 1991)

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Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism; Library Resources; Reviews
Subtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. 34p.
FROM THE EDITORS. BOOK REVIEWS: Rethinking Gender in Feminist Anthropology, by Sharon Tiffany.[Reviews of] Gender and Anthropology: Critical Reviews for Research and Teaching, ed. by Sandra Morgen; Engendering Archaeology: Women and Prehistory, ed. by Joan M. Gero and Margaret W. Conkey; and Beyond the Second Sex: New Directions in the Anthropology of Gender, ed. by Peggy Reeves Sanday and Ruth Gallagher Goodenough. Insight, Candor, and Action: Women's Writing from India, by Judith Benade. [Reviews of] Of Women, Outcastes, Peasants, and Rebels: A Selection of Bengali Short Stories, ed. and transl. by Kalpana Bardhan; Truth Tales: Contemporay Stories by Women Writers in India, ed. by Kali for Women; and Women Writing in India, 600 B.C. to the Present. Vol. 1: 600 B.C. to the Early Twentieth Century, ed. by Susie Tharu and K. Lalita. Reading Men: Men, Masculinity, and Publishing, by Michael Kimmel. Review of fifteen recent books on men and masculinity. FEMINIST VISIONS: Of Veils and Voices, by Susan Searing. Computer Talk, compiled by L.S. FEMINIST PUBLISHING: Three new presses and a fourth in process. CHECKING UP ON THE CANON: By Linda Shult. NEWS FROM UW-SUPERIOR: By Cheryl Schoenhaar. THE LESBIAN ARCHIVES OF LEEUWARDEN: By Shelley Anderson. PERIODICAL NOTES: New periodicals on Asian lesbians, gender and law, Asian/Pacific women in development, peace/spirituality studies, Japanese women, news tidbits, and violence against women. Special issues of periodicals on nineteenth-century women's writing, global perspectives on women, Jewish women, sociolegal studies, women in German-speaking countries, urban women in India, criminality, women's rights, and social control. Transitions: HagRag is in a state of flux; Legacy has expanded its scope beyond 19th century women; and Snake Power will change from quarterly periodical to yearly book format. Ceased publication: Noon (stopped by government harassment in Egypt). (Compiled by Linda Shult) WOMEN'S STUDIES IN WISCONSIN: WHO'S WHO & WHERE. ITEMS OF NOTE: A collection of syllabi with international perspectives; a directory of syllabi on Jewish women; a teaching kit on the world economic crisis; working papers on women and aging; a directory of women lawyer associations; a slide show on women cartoonists; a periodical on cassette; audio programs with guides on 19th century women writers; a microform collection on Lillian Wald; a series of edited reprints of 19th century women writers; catalogs of biographical materials; a report on Hispanic women on campus; and a guide to retirement planning. (Compiled by Ingrid Markhardt) BOOKS RECENTLY RECEIVED.
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