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Feminist Collections, v.12, no.2 (winter 1991)

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Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism; Library Resources; Reviews
Subtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. 30p.
FROM THE EDITORS: International bridges -- building connections, by Susan Searing. BOOK REVIEWS: Multicultural Women's History: A New Tool for Teaching and Learning, by Guadalupe Friaz. The Use of Theory in Black Feminist Discourse, by Cheryl Johnson. FEMINIST VISIONS: The Experience of Asian American and Native American Women: A Video Review, by Joan Ariki Varney and Alejandra Elenes. "A WORLD IN OUR EYES:" THE CREATION OF AND ACCESS TO THE LITERATURE OF ABILITY AND EMPOWERMENT: by Nancy Seale Osborne. RESEARCH EXCHANGE. FEMINIST PUBLISHING: An International Women in Publishing network, a new feminist/lesbian press in Moscow, a National Conference on Women and the Media, and a note on secondhand bookshops. NEW REFERENCE WORKS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: A biographical dictionary on English writers, a guide to reference sources in women's studies, a resource on films and television movies based on women's writing, a bibliography on immigrant women in the U.S., a history and bibliography on Black women in television, a dictionary of feminist theory, an encyclopedia of women's sexuality, a guide to women rulers of Europe, plus bibliographies on Katherine Mansfield, Edith Wharton, Joan of Arc, Sylvia Plath, George Eliot, and Christine de Pisan. PERIODICAL NOTES: New periodicals on lesbian issues, do-it-yourself projects, women's history, connections between Mexican and U.S. women, animal rights, women in development, religious feminism, computers and women, Latin American and Caribbean women's health issues, plus a literary journal and two wideranging general periodicals. Special issues of periodicals on higher education, mental health, women chemists, writing, gender and conversation, aging, gender and class in education, women in India, First Ladies, psychology and gender, moral issues in reproduction, southern writer Evelyn Scott, the female protagonist in theater, South African women, and older women. Transitions: FRONTIERS takes up residence in New Mexico, HYPATIA moves to Florida, UP AND OUT OF POVERTY changes its name, VOICES RISING hangs in limbo, and WOMEN LIBRARY WORKERS JOURNAL picks up a publisher. Ceased publication: AUNT EDNA'S READING LIST; BREAKING THE SILENCE; CONDITIONS. ITEMS OF NOTE: A new book series on international development, a directory of minority and women's groups within librarianship, a reproductive rights resource manual, a guide to films and videos on reproductive issues, a curriculum set on women and the Constitution, Wisconsin speakers bureau on social change topics, a dramatic presentation on Wisconsin women, a women's poetry and prose reading program, and dropout prevention posters. WISCONSIN BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: The FEMINIST COLLECTIONS six-part series on 'Women of Color and the Core Curriculum'' available as a set. BOOKS RECENTLY RECEIVED.
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