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dc.descriptionBOOK REVIEWS: Women Living Under Apartheid, by Stanlie James. True Stories: Biographies of Women for Young Readers, by Christine Jenkins. Women in Latin American Social Change Movements, by Susana Lastarria-Cornhiel and Wava Haney. FEMINIST VISIONS: Questions in A Question of Silence by Constance Balides. STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF WISCONSIN WELCOMES SUFFRAGIST'S PAPERS: By Cindy Knight. WOMEN OF COLOR AND THE CORE CURRICULUM: Tools for Transforming the Liberal Arts, Part 4: Creative Literature as a Source of Information, by Susan Searing. RESEARCH EXCHANGE. FEMINIST PUBLISHING: The 4th International Feminist Bookfair and a new Welsh press. NEW REFERENCE WORKS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: New bibliographies on adolescent pregnancy and parenthood, women characters in popular fiction, the feminization of poverty, women in 19th and early 20th century English social history, Japanese women writers in translation, violence against women and girls, biographies of U.S. women, feminism and women's issues, women's "concerns, care, and conditions," Black women novelists, U.S. women's fiction 1790-1870, and women of color and Southern women; biographical guides to U.S. and European women artists, women in U.S. theater, Black women writers 1900-1945, recent film stars, and U.S. presidents' wives; plus sources on quantitative tools for women's studies research, Korean dissertations on women, women's health, and research and policy centers working on women's issues. PERIODICAL NOTES: New periodicals on women in librarianship, Caribbean women, development, shelter work, birth mothers of adopted children, lesbians and gays, campus violence, and female shamanism. Special issues of periodicals on Puerto Rican women, affirmative action, women and the arts, Japanese women and families, Caroline Gordon, women playwrights, and political economics. Transitions: London's Feminist Library Newsletter and a newly formatted Ms. are publishing again. Ceased publication: Aurora. ITEMS OF NOTE: A move for the Women's History Research Center's collections; two photo exhibits on Black women, one focused on the arts; publications on pensions, on the Ford Foundation's mainstreaming minority women in the curriculum program, on the climate for women in medical schools, on sexual harassment prevention, and on pay equity; an educational equity poster catalog; additions to Oxford University Press's Schomburg collection on Black women writers; and an antiquarian bookseller's feminist list. BOOKS RECENTLY RECEIVED.en
dc.description.abstractSubtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. 42p.en
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversity of Wisconsin Systemen
dc.format.extent2444166 bytes
dc.subjectWomen's Studiesen
dc.subjectLibrary Resourcesen
dc.titleFeminist Collections, v.12, no.1 (fall 1990)en

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