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Feminist Collections, v.7, no.4 (summer 1986)

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Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism; Library Resources; Reviews
Subtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. 35p.
FROM THE EDITORS: Goodbye to Karen Merritt and Nancy Marshall. WOMEN'S HISTORY THROUGH ARTIFACTS: By Anne Woodhouse. FEMINIST WRITERS IN NEW ZEALAND, 1975 to 1985: By Kate Reed. EDITORS' NOTE. NEW REFERENCE WORKS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: New sources on: African writers; Third World women; feminist spirituality; North American immigrant women; cross-cultural studies; spouse abuse; library services for midlife women; women scientists; contemporary stage roles for women; French women; and the McFarlin special collections. PERIODICAL NOTES: New periodicals on: social work; lesbian-feminist ethics; violence and victims; vocational equity; computers; management; and women's studies in New Zealand. Special issues on: social work; Latina literature; aging; Jewish feminism; engineering; apartheid; sexuality; library management; comparable worth; poetry; Jungian thought; women's work; feminist sociology; and housing. Ceased publication: Annotated Guide to Women's Periodicals in the United States and Canada; Comment; Wisconsin Women and Public Policy. ITEMS OF NOTE: New resources on women and poverty, working women, marital property, Canadian and European women's studies; the UN World Conference on Women; and men's studies. WISCONSIN BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: A new bibliography on women and time management. BOOK REVIEWS: Women and disability, Part II, by Deborah Kent. Comparable worth, by Alice Audie-Figueroa. SUPPLEMENT: INDEX TO FEMINIST COLLECTIONS: Vol.7, 1985-1986
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