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Feminist Collections, v.17, no.2 (winter 1996)

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Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism; Library Resources; Reviews; Information Technology
Subtitle: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources. 50p.
Table of contents: From the Editors; Classroom Technologies: Where Did the Feminist Teacher Go? Reconsidering Authority in the Multimedia Classroom, by Allison Fraiberg; Using a Web Page in a Women's Studies Class, by Beth Hardin and Maria Pramaggiore; Feminist Empowerment Through the Internet, by Lucretia McCulley and Patricia Patterson; The Use of E-mail Discussion in Fostering a Learning Community in an Undergraduate Psychology of Women Course, by Tracy Luchetta; Internet Resources and Women's Studies: Expanding the Horizons of a Rural Campus, by Ann Donihue Travers; Interactive Television: Teaching and Learning Viewed Through a Feminist Perspective, by Lisa LaSalle; Interactive Video and Female Learning: Implications for a Feminized Profession, by Debra Gold Hansen and Sheri D. Irvin; Using Computer Conferencing to Break Down Racial and Gender Barriers in the College Classroom, by Mary Kay Schleiter; Wider Networks: After the Walls: Breaking NEWW Ground in Electronic Communication, by Nina Beth Huntemann; Creating A Virtual Sisterhood Online, by Barbara Ann O'Leary; Electronic Witches: Women Using E-mail in the Former Yugoslavia, by Kathryn Turnipseed; Increasing Women's Use of Electronic Networks: The Women's Networking and Support Program of the Association for Progressive Communication by Justine Akman; and The APC Women's Networking Support Project, by Susan Mooney; Electronic Projects: Feminism and Linguistics: How Technology Can Prove Our Point, by Fabienne Bader; Attitudes Toward Computers: The Changing Gender Gap, by J.M. Callan; Women, the World Wide Web, and Issues of Privacy,, by Leslie Regan Shade; Whose Voice? Whose Text? Negotiating Co-Authorship in Cyberspace, by Amanda Goldrick-Jones and Linda M. LaDuc; The Women, Information Technology, and Scholarship (WITS) Colloquium at UIUC: A Feminist Model for Education and Activism on Campus, by Betsy Kruger and Jo Kibbee; Women's Studies and the Net Effect! by Lynne Alice; A Blueprint for Teaching Elementary Teachers About the Internet, by Kim Dayton; Insights into Automation Training at a Saudi Women's College Library, by Patricia Myers-Hayer; Helping Re-Entry Women Develop Library Technical Skills and Research Strategies by Linda Marie Golian and Rita M. Pellen; Books Recently Received
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