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Feminist Collections, v.4, no.2 (winter 1983)

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Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism; Library Resources; Reviews
Subtitle: Women's Studies Library Resources in Wisconsin. 35p.
FROM THE EDITORS: What's new with New Books on Women & Feminism. WOMEN'S PERIODICALS AND NEWSPAPERS: Women's Periodicals and Newspapers from the 18th Century to 1981, edited by James P. Danky. Reviewed by Susan Searing. A Conversation with Jim Danky and Maureen Hady. Interview by Cathy Loeb. WOMEN IN PRINT: CANADA: Part I of a report on Canadian feminist periodicals, by Eleanor Wachtel. NEWS FROM UW-WHITEWATER: By UW-Whitewater Women's Studies Coordinator, Ruth Schauer. WOMEN'S STUDIES UNION LIST: Update on a UW System-wide resource. PERIODICAL NOTES: New periodicals: Connections (Black Women's Network); "In the Life"; Trivia: A Journal of Ideas; VDT Newsletter; Women's Studies International. Special issues on black college women; women in Mexico; international women's studies; women and minorities in engineering; homosexuality. History Workshop Journal becomes a journal of socialist and feminist historians. ITEMS OF NOTE: Information on the International Women's Tribune Centre; the Older Women's League; bibliographies from the Ontario Ministry of Labour Library; the National Institute for Women of Color; the lesbian in literature; rare and out-of-print books for women's studies; and a film on incarcerated women and their children. WISCONSIN BIBLIOGRAPHIES IN WOMEN'S STUDIES. NEW REFERENCE WORKS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: Reviewed by Susan Searing. BOOK REVIEWS: Jewish Feminist Publishing, by Rose Katz. "I Am Woman": Recent Reference Resources About Women in Music, by Nancy Vedder-Shults. Feminists Write on Peace and Patriarchy, by Elizabeth Dahlk.
University of Wisconsin System
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