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Feminist Collections, v.4, no.1 (fall 1982)

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Women's Studies; Gender; Feminism; Library Resources; Reviews
Subtitle: Women's Studies Library Resources in Wisconsin. 26p.
FROM THE EDITORS: Introducing Susan Searing, new Women's Studies Librarian-at-Large for the UW System. FEMINIST PUBLISHING: Update on Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press. New England Free Press folds. WOMEN INPRINT: First Midwest Regional Women in Print conference, Woodstock, Illinois, September 10-12, 1982, by Cathy Loeb and Linda Shult. ARCHIVES: News from the Third World Women's Archives. Women's History Resources at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: The Anne Braden Papers, by Sarah Cooper. Writings by Women in the American Geographical Society Collection, UW-Milwaukee, by Howard Deller. NEWS FROM UW-EAU CLAIRE. WOMEN'S STUDIES IN WISCONSIN: SECOND EDITION. PERIODICAL NOTES: New periodicals on women's periodicals in the U.S., the celibate lifestyle, left periodicals, Chicanas, women in the trades, women and history, and women and pensions. Special issues on feminist theory, education of women in developing countries, views of women in education, film and feminism in Germany, women's periodicals and resources, Jewish women, and libraries and the small press. ITEMS OF NOTE: Exhibit on black women available for purchase; working paper series on women and work; resources for ending sexism in the schools; directory of Milwaukee area women's organizations; a new directory of alternative press publishers of children's books; a documentary on violence against women; oral histories of Slovenian women; resources for working women; a project on the culture of southern black women; and a resource catalog for Women's History Week. NEW REFERENCE WORKS IN WOMEN'S STUDIES: Reviewed by Susan Searing. BOOK REVIEW: New Feminist Approaches to Sexuality, by Cindy Costello. NEW SUBSCRIPTION POLICY FOR FEMINIST COLLECTIONS: 1983 UW SYSTEM WOMEN'S STUDIES FACULTY/STUDENT CONFERENCE: Call for papers and panels.
University of Wisconsin System
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