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    • Assisting Creole-English and non-standard dialect speaking students in learning standard English 

      Allsop, Sara (2010-03)
      In this paper I will more fully explain the history of Creole languages, describing in detail the most common Caribbean English Creole Language, Jamaican Creole, in addition to describing the various Creole Languages spoken ...
    • Prologue 2008 

      Allsop, Sara; Brager, Kyle; Brigman, Austin D.; Buckvold, Marilyn; Butler, Margaret; Carlson, Christine; Fechner, Lauren; Fischer, Julie R.; Gaffer, Kathy; Germain, Maria; Haden, Margaret; Hoffman, Jesse; Hubing, Danielle; Hutton, Lindsay; Isenberger, Annaka; Kerschner, Brittany; Kitzrow, Nate; Knutson, Shannon; Kroska, Brett; Kummer, Amorett; Lampert, Anita; Lande, Joe; Lawton, Anne; Lee, Seung Joo; Loosbrock, Matt; Luedtke, Timothy; Maliszewski, Abby; Malkmus, Alli; Manering, Aaren; McMillan, Colleen; McMillan, Matthew P.; Nadeau, Angela; Newman, Don; Odlaug, Peter; Percy, Vanessa Faye; Sand, Shelby; Swanson, Nathaniel; Syring, Emily; Thorson, Joel; Washam, Christie; Young, Angela; Brookins, Brad; Baird, Amadeline; McKay, Jaci; Schutjer, Aaron; Witschen, Jeff (University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 2008-04-18)
      2008 edition of Prologue, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls student literary and art publication.