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    • Waiting for the dough : writings, drawings, and non-prize winning recipes 

      Brown, Wanda; Goldin, Phyllis (1997)
      Online, digitized version of the 1997, 1st edition book - Waiting for the Dough by Phyllis Goldin and Wanda Brown, ISBN 0965916103. The book includes 114 pages of text, art work, poetry and recipes. This digital copy was ...
    • A Walk in the Woods: Nature and the Practice of Mindfulness in early Childhood Education 

      Stuntzman, Rachel (2019-04-29)
      Alongside the growing body of research on nature in education, there is a predilection for the implementation of mindfulness-based strategies in the classroom. The research on mindfulness, however, is notably limited when ...
    • Walking exploration of the pilgrimage route El Camino de Santiago 

      Crownhart, Andrea (2006-04)
      In the fall of 2005, I walked the pilgrimage route El Camino de Santiago in northern Spain. During my time on the Camino, I interviewed fellow pilgrims to discover why people want to complete this pilgrimage, as well as ...
    • Walleye initiative private fish farm capacity study, 2014 

      Janke, James; Trechter, David (2014-05)
      The purpose of this study was to learn more about current operations and future plans among Wisconsin aquaculture business owners. The survey was requested by the Wisconsin Legislature and sponsored by the UW-Extension ...
    • War bride 

      Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
    • Warlord's prayer 

      Goldin, Phyllis (2004)
    • Washburn County employee survey 

      Trechter, David (2008-11)
      Washburn County employees were asked to complete an on-line survey as part of the County's strategic planning efforts. The survey was a traditional "strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats" (SWOT) analysis. ...
    • Waukesha County comprehensive planning public opinion survey: survery report 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly; Janke, James; Parks, Denise (2007-02)
      As part of their Smart Growth plan, in October, 2006 Waukesha County and 27 individual governmental jurisdictions sought the input of County residents on land issues via a mail-out survey.
    • Waukesha County library system public opinion survey 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly; Parks, Denise (2008-01)
      The goal of the Waukesha County Library System (WCLS) survey was to determine average library usage, opinions about the value of the WCLS, and economic considerations associated with the library. A key question to be ...
    • West CAP community needs survey report 

      Trechter, David; Hadley, Shelly (2010-04)
      The 2010 West CAP Community Needs Survey was designed to provide West CAP with an in-depth understanding of household needs in the communities they serve.
    • West CAP community needs survey report 

      Hadley, Shelly; Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Janke, James (2007-08)
      The West CAP Community Needs Survey was designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the nature and prevalence of challenges facing lower-income households in Barron, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, and St. Croix ...
    • West Central Wisconsin workforce talent survey: summary report 

      Trechter, David; Parks, Denise; Janke, James; Hadley, Shelly (2007-03)
      The Workforce Talent Survey was designed to guide workforce and economic development efforts in the nine county West Central Wisconsin Workforce Development area (Barron, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, ...
    • Western Wisconsin renewable energy survey report 

      Hadley, Shelly; Trechter, David; Janke, James; Parks, Denise; Gunter, Ramona (2008-06)
      The motivation for this study was to obtain increased knowledge of actual and potential demand for green power in western Wisconsin. The survey was designed to determine current demand for energy coming from renewable ...
    • What are the benefits of using questioning to scaffold critical thinking skills in literacy in the kindergarten classroom? 

      Lee, Julie Christine (2013-05-06)
      The purpose of this action research study is to examine ways to teach, model, guide and scaffold critical thinking mainly through questioning, so that all levels of learners can be immersed and engaged in meaningful, ...
    • What are those fibers in my rose quartz? 

      Cordua, William S. (William Sinclair), 1947- (St. Croix Rockhounds, Stillwater, MN, 2003)
    • What does a model instrumental music program look like? 

      McCarthy, Ryan (2013)
      School band programs are as different as the directors and people within them. Who determines what a model instrumental music program look like? What does excellence look like? This study looks to use literature based ...
    • What is the impact of blogging used with self-monitoring strategies for adolescents who struggle with writing? 

      Klein, Amy (2012-09-04)
      Writing is an onerous task for those who struggle with the skill. The basic prerequisites of organizing thoughts, transcribing thoughts into words, and writing down those words is fundamental to the more advanced skills ...
    • What makes a Montessori school? 

      Krause, Janet (2015-05-15)
      In the spring of 2014, a public Midwestern elementary Montessori charter school governance board president along with other governance board members set out on a journey of discovery. They began by inviting the staff into ...
    • What the heck is limonite? 

      Cordua, William S. (William Sinclair), 1947- (St. Croix Rockhounds, Stillwater, MN, 2005)
    • What the Sandpaper Letters Taught me 

      Hubbard, Margaret E. (2021-06-11)
      The purpose of this study was to implement both intensive, oral phonological activities and motor activities to help children who are not retaining sound/letter associations using the Sandpaper Letters. This study took ...