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    • Comparing student achievement using pre and post formative assessment instructional activities 

      Howe, Shawn (2012-08-19)
      Improving student achievement and learning is a continual goal of education. The literature supports that formative assessment and quizzing helps with these goals. I wanted to determine if a modified formative assessment ...
    • Effect of test retakes on long-term retention 

      Paff, Bradley (2012-11-26)
      This study examines the effect of an optional retesting strategy on long-term retention of course content. It does so by comparing the number of retests a student chooses to take during the semester to the student's ...
    • Standard based grading: a new look at grading 

      Stortz, Alison (2014-01-10)
      Standard based grading is a form of grading summative assessments (standards) on a grading scale of 0-4; a zero being little or no response, receiving a one is partial understanding, a two is having major errors with more ...