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A Brief History of the Wisconsin Business University, La Crosse, Wisconsin

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Rogers, Richard A.
Gilkey, George R.
Toland, Leigh; Toland, Frank J.; Universities and colleges -- Wisconsin -- La Crosse -- History; Wisconsin Business University (La Crosse, Wis.) -- History
Brief History of the Wisconsin Business University La Crosse, Wisconsin, is a seminar paper written as partial fulfillment of requirements for a masters degree at Wisconsin State University of La Crosse between the fall semester of 1966 and the summer session of 1967. The Wisconsin Business University, founded in 1892 by Frank J. Toland, grew with the city and prospered with it, drawing thousands of students from the tri-state area. Throughout the 48 years of existence under the Toland family the Wisconsin Business University graduated over 10,000 students. However, enrollments began to decline in the late 1930's, and the school was forced to close in September of 1941. The school was operated on the second and third floors of the building at the northeast corner of Third and Main Streets, and at times utilized the old Keefe and Cone Business School quarters on the second floor of the building located on Fourth and Pearl when enrollments could not be accommodated at the Main Street facilities. During its existence six members of the Toland family played a major role in the history of the school. The founder's three sons, Leigh, Ralph, and Hewitt, his granddaughter Patricia, and his brother Bernard Toland were full or part-time instructors or administrative personnel.
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