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An Examination of the La Crosse Press During the Political Campaign of 1912

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Birch, Charles W.
Gilkey, George R.
Editorials; La Crosse Leader-Press (La Crosse, Wis.); Elections -- Wisconsin -- La Crosse; Presidents -- United States -- Election -- 1912; La Crosse Tribune (La Crosse, Wis.)
The year 1912 produced a presidential campaign never matched in American history. An incumbent President, a former President and a future President engaged in a spectacle that is not likely to be seen in America again. Woodrow Wilson's election to the Presidency in 1912 marked the end of the Republican phase of the progressive movement. The 1912 political campaign in the state of Wisconsin demonstrated the fierce battle within the ranks of the Republican party. The purpose of this study is to examine the editorial opinion expressed in two La Crosse, Wisconsin newspapers during the political campaign of 1912 and, in so doing, to determine the stand taken by each paper regarding the key issues. The two newspapers were the La Crosse Tribune and the La Crosse Leader-Press. A short overview of the 1912 campaign and election is followed by an examination of the editorial content of the two newspapers during the period from June 17, 1912 to November 9, 1912. From the examination, several tendencies clearly emerge. First, the Tribune supported progressive candidates while the Leader-Press supported conservatives. Second, both newspapers crossed party lines in endorsing candidates. For President, the Tribune supported the Democrat Wilson, and for Wisconsin Governor, the Republican, Francis E. McGovern. The Leader-Press endorsed the Republican Taft for President and the Democrat John C. Karel for Governor. Third, the Tribune endorsed, by name, candidates for state and local offices while the Leader-Press remained silent. Fourth, the Leader-Press predicted throughout the campaign that Taft would be re-elected. On the other hand, the Tribune, although supporting Wilson, was not as adamont in predicting victory.
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