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    • 2009 Reaccreditation: A Great Public University 

      Matthews, Nancy E. (2007-12-04)
      Every 10 years, UW?Madison is reaccredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. As part of the 2009 reaccreditation process, the university is conducting a self study ...
    • Beneficent Beauty: Refining the UW-Madison Campus 

      Brown, Gary; Okoli, Dan; Fish, Alan (2008-10-28)
      Endowed with three and a half miles of lakeshore and more than 300 acres of natural areas preserve, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a truly spectacular setting for a college campus. Furthermore, the location and ...
    • The Bottom 70 Percent: What America's Elite Institutions of Higher Learning Owe to Everyone Else 

      Carey, Kevin (2009-04-23)
      On February 24th, 2009 President Obama issued a bold call for America to regain its former position as having the most college-educated workforce in the world. To reach that goal, we will have to go where student enrollment ...
    • CLC Special Agreement Regarding Labor Codes of Conduct 

      Crim, Dawn (2003-01)
      In her role as the chancellor's director for community relations at UW-Madison, Dawn Crim has often been at the center of the very public and sometimes controversial issue of university labor licensing. In order to ...
    • Diversifying Academic Leadership 

      Greene, Linda (2003-10-21)
    • Higher Education Today and Tomorrow 

      Zeibarth, Jeff; Stebar, Jeff (2006-09-26)
      Respondents: Alan Fish, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities, Planning, and Management, UW-Madison; and Daniel Okoli, Campus Architect, UW?Madison. Moderator: Kenneth Frazier, Interim Chief Information Officer and ...
    • How Students and Families Use Rankings for College Selection 

      Ehrenberg, Ronald G.; Walpole, MaryBeth (2003-11-20)
      Top-selling college rankings issues published annually by U.S. News & World Report, Business Week, and Money are becoming an increasingly important factor in the competition among institutions of higher education. This ...
    • Organization and Governance of Universities 

      Bleiklie, Ivar (2009-02-09)
      Professor Bleiklie will present an analysis of the ways in which ideas and ideals of university organization and governance have changed over the past few decades, moving away from a notion of the university as a republic ...
    • Quality Assurance in Higher Education as a Political Process 

      Skolnik, Michael L. (2009-05-29)
      Is quality assurance in higher education a technical process or a political process? Michael Skolnik suggests three reasons why quality assurance should, in many cases, be viewed as a largely political process: 1) ...