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    • Global Position System Receiver Comparison 

      Briski, Drew; Fabian, Eric; Miracle, Brendan (2015-04)
      This study compares GPS receivers ranging from the industry level to the recreational level, and two GPS smartphone applications in three study areas. Each study area was chosen for their unique challenges they would offer ...
    • Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation at Kahal Grande Synagogue, Rhodes, Greece 

      Seamans, Jackelyn; Jol, Harry M. (2017-03-27)
      The purpose of this project was to non-invasively collect and analyze GPR data of the synagogue's subsurface to look for evidence of past iterations of the synagogue and determine possible excavation locations. Hopefully, ...
    • Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation of El Capitan Moraine : Yosemite National Park, CA, USA 

      Hrdlicka, Jerrod; Ullrich, Will; Topper, Nick; Alger, Ryan (2014-04)
      The research project involved analysis of sedimentary stratigraphy within the El Capitan Moraine located in Yosemite Valley, California, USA. The cross valley moraine is a result of the latest glaciation period approximately ...
    • An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Urban Streetscape of Budapest's Andrassy Ut 

      Blue, Amanda; Osborn, Trace (2015-04)
      As Budapest embarks on a massive redevelopment project that will convert Andrassy Ut from mixed use corridor into the tourism-focused Andrassy Quarter, this study marks an important transition period in the boulevard's history.
    • An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Urban Streetscape of Budapest's Andrassy Ut 

      Struve, Matt; Herkert, Emily; Babb, Mandy; Koser, Jessica; Zeitler, Ezra; Oberly, Jim; Stratton, Clare; Yeager, Courtney; Sadeghpour, Mitra; Osborn, Trace; Blue, Amanda; Paladini, Alexis; Franz, Bridgett; Niestrom, Kate; Turkowitch, Allison; Lee, Yan Lin; Beu, Kate (2015-04-30)
      As Budapest's most prominent boulevard, Andrassy Ut (Andrassy Way) exhibits a variety of urban land uses designed to showcase Hungarian history and culture and provide modern housing and leisure amenities for the city's ...