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    • Visible body modification in hiring practices 

      Aspen, Stephanie.; Barrett, Melita (2009)
      Due to increasing competition for jobs, employers are able to select from a large pool of candidates. A tattooed person may experience negative social consequences, including negative perceptions because of tattoos and ...
    • Waiting until after college graduation to marry 

      Emerson, Christopher.; Fankhauser, Amanda. (2007)
      This study used survey research to capture the attitudes of 25 Midwestern university students on waiting until after college graduation to get married. Results indicate that participants feel that waiting until after college ...
    • Who gets custody? Current perspectives of social work students 

      Zuber, Courtney L.; Adams, Kyle J. (2007)
      Society and the American family are changing, leading to an increasing amount of single parent households. This study investigated the attitudes of social work students regarding non-traditional child placement by surveying ...