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    • The relationship between gender and attitudes toward marriage 

      Servaty, Lisa; Weber, Kirsten (2011)
      Marriage as a social institution is vulnerable; fewer people in western societies are marrying, and divorce rates are increasing throughout the world (Beach & Fincham 2010). The purpose of this study was to examine if there ...
    • The relationship between gender and college students' career development 

      Sauter, Brianna; Fischer, Sarah (2011)
      Although some may think they have control over their future, studies show that one of the most significant influences on career development is the exploration of the environment and the self (Adragna, 2009). The current ...
    • Visible body modifications and future employment 

      Brabant, Whitney; Mizer, Alicia (2010)
      It is important to investigate male and female college students' perceptions on visible body modifications (VBM) in relation to future employment given the uncertain economy and how VBM can be a risk factor in obtaining ...