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    • Verifying Concurrent Programs via Bounded Context-Switching and Induction 

      Prabhu, Prathmesh; Reps, Thomas; Lal, Akash; Kidd, Nicholas (University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, 2011)
      This paper presents a new approach to the problem of verifying safety properties of concurrent programs with shared memory and interleaving semantics. The method described leverages recent work on context-bounded analysis ...
    • Weighted Pushdown Systems and Weighted Transducers 

      Lal, Akash; Touili, Tayssir; Kidd, Nicholas; Reps, Thomas (University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, 2006)
      Pushdown Systems (PDSs) are an important formalism for modeling programs. Reachability analysis on PDSs has been used extensively for program verification. A key result, which made PDSs popular in the model-checking ...