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    • Secure Programming Via Game-Based Synthesis 

      Harris, William (2015-01-16)
      Interactive security systems provide powerful security primitives (i.e., security-oriented system calls) that an application can invoke at various moments during execution to control accesses to its sensitive information. ...
    • Secure Programming via Visibly Pushdown Safety Games 

      Harris, William; Jha, Somesh; Reps, Thomas (2012-01)
      Several recent operating systems provide system calls that allow an application to explicitly manage the privileges of modules with which the application interacts. Such privilege-aware operating systems allow a programmer ...
    • Verifying Information Flow Control Over Unbounded Processes 

      Harris, William; Kidd, Nicholas; Chaki, Sagar; Jha, Somesh; Reps, Thomas (University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Sciences, 2009)
      Decentralized Information Flow Control (DIFC) systems enable programmers to express a desired DIFC policy, and to have the policy enforced via a reference monitor that restricts interactions between system objects, such ...