Transcription and Text


Shay Lamora is written in Rabbinic Hebrew cursive script, and the language is Algerian Judeo-Arabic. The following transcription of the Hebrew alphabet is used:

a b g d h w z H + y k l m n s e p c q r $ t

Letters with a diacritic are handled as follows:

Sample Text and Translation

The text is taken from Shay Lamora Exodus, page 153b. It is part of one of the book's numerous stories. Lingua Franca words are emphasized here, but not in the original of course.


wswby+o qamw xrjw mn qwdam acwl+an wHyn wwcl alwwq+ dnhar dy kanw fykcarw dljmwe e+a wwrdyn acwl+an llxwja dyyalw wktb brawwt ljmye alpapazyn wljmye gdwly hmlkwt dy flblad wzad gm kn ktb brawwt lrbnym wlkbar dlyhwd wqallhwm rany n+lb mn fDlkm ba$ tHaDrw lywm qwdamy fsae lflanya prysyz mn eyr tfry+ whayydk· car flmwmyn+w brwHw dy fyqsarlhwm kanw kamlyn mjmweyn qwdamw.


And immediately they got up, went out from the Sultan's presence, and when the time arrived on the day which they had fixed for the assembly, the Sultan gave an order to his scribe, and he wrote letters to all the priests and all the great ones of the kingdom who were in the country, and he also wrote letters to the rabbis and chief men of the Jews. And he said to them: I kindly request that you be present before me at such-and-such a time precisely, without any negligence. And this took place in the very moment which he fixed for them, they were all assembled before him.


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