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Relevant Polari words with sources. This section is a table of words in Polari, which appear to be derived from Lingua Franca.


Abbreviations of Polari sources are listed in the above referenced table.

Note that if no source is given, it is to be assumed that the word is from the Dictionnaire. If the word is found in the Dictionnaire and in another source, the abbreviation Dict will indicate this. Page numbers in reference to Schuchardt follow the English translation, not the original German text.

Since I happened to work first on Exodus, most references in Shay Lamora’ are to that book. I quote only from Genesis when the item differs in some fashion. The version of Genesis at my disposal is a later reprint (Tunis, 1930), not printed from the original plates, and the language may have been changed.

See also Professor Rossetti's Glossary to his article.
See also the texts from some of the above cited items.

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