Prefatory Note to the Fifth Edition

This is the fifth edition of the Lingua Franca Website. It includes some interesting materials sent to me by Mr. Mikael Parkvall of Stockholm University, including an abstract from a book by Charles Thierry-Mieg, Six semaines en Afrique [Six Weeks in Africa] Paris: J. Claye (1861) pp. 103-107, and a list of Lingua Franca words from Alexis-M. Gochet, La France coloniale illustrée [Colonial France Illustrated] Tours: A. Mame et fils (1888) pp. 74-75. I have included a facsimile of Thierry-Mieg's remarks, and translated them into English, along with comments. The lexical items from both have been incorporated into the Glossary. M. Emre Ozigci of the Turkish Embassy in Algiers has made some significant corrections to the glosses on Turkish words, and these also have been included. My thanks to both, as to the many others who have enriched previous editions.

I have not updated the Acrobat version of the glossary at this time, but hope to supplement this in the future. I have also made various minor corrections aimed at making the glossary easier to use. I have left available my prefatory note to the discontinued fourth edition, and the entire first and second editions, out of historical interest.

It seems to me that this site has become a good example how the World Wide Web can be used for coöoperative humanistic scholarship. Individuals from all over the world have contributed. Five years ago, I wrote an article for a reference work in which I included a reference to my website. The editor informed me that he would have included the citation, but the publishers were adamant that there could be no references whatsoever to the World Wide Web, on account of its ephemeral nature. In the recently published Encyclopedia of Linguistics, edited by Philip Strazny, and under the same imprint as the aforementioned work, this Lingua Franca website is cited, along with various websites by others. Apparently the World Wide Web-and this website-have arrived.

I take this opportunity to thank my teachers in Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, Professors Z.S. Harris, Henry Hoenigswald, and Leigh Lisker for giving me the tools to finish the job.

Alan D. Corré
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, September 4, 2005

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Alan D. Corré