Education Journals: An annotated database for K-12 and teacher educators is designed to provide K-12 professional staff and teacher education faculty with a searchable database of English language print and electronic journals focused on K-12 education and professional staff preparation. The annotations and Internet links provided for each title are designed to assist the target audience in identifying professional titles of interest. The database may also be used as a collection development tool and instructional resource by library staff providing professional development services to K-12 and teacher educators.

Education Journals has evolved into a collaboratively developed resource. Education and curriculum librarians, faculty and other users of the database are invited to suggest additional titles for inclusion in this resource. Titles submitted should focus on K-12 education or professional staff preparation. Staff from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Instructional Materials and Computing will review suggestions of entries for the database.

Education Journals was originally conceptualized and authored by Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen a former CIMC employee. The first edition of the list, which included only the journals held by the UW-Madison CIMC, was recognized as a Yahoo pick of the week in May 1997 and has been cited in Issues in Education Research (Lagemanm & Shulman, Jossey-Bass, 1990) and in Using the Web To Access Online Education Periodicals (ERIC Digest ED 430584, 1999).