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  • American Dairy Farmer
    Monthly publication distributed free to 40,000 dairy farms.
  • Better Farming
    General interest farm journal from Ontario
  • Dairy Biz
    An Online industry publication with articles relating to dairy since and industry. Includes both current and archived issues.
  • Dairy Council Digest
    "The Dairy Council Digests provide an accurate, comprehensive review of the latest research on topics ranging from the health benefits of calcium to dairy's role in weight loss." Full-text available in PDF format or HTML for 1997-2002
  • Dairy Foods Magazine
    Contains articles on market trends, government legislation, and other industry related items.
  • Dairy Herd Management
    Trade magazine's website,free registration is needed to view articles.
  • Dairy Life, The
    Essays on the History of dairying in the Great Lakes; sociology of dairying in Great Lakes
  • FAS Online
    Includes export reports, Ag Exporter magazine( pdf format), news, related federal register notices, and other publications.
  • Farm Journal Today
    Farm publications website - Includes Farm Journal, Proud Farmer, Dairy Today
  • Hoard's Dairyman
    Brief headlines of current national and international dairy industry news. Current issue only. Links to pricing sites for dairy products
  • Holstein World online
    Popular press journal on Holstein cattle
  • Journal of Animal Science
    Some meeting abstracts available for viewing; online version of journal requires subscription
  • Journal of Dairy Science
    Some abstracts and tables of contents available for viewing; online version open only to subscribers.
  • Midwest Dairy Business
    Primary Midwestern dairy publication; features stories both current and archived can be read online.
  • Progressive Farmer.COM Today
    General interest farm magazine
  • Successful Farming
    Online publication August 1996 - present
  • Western Dairyman
    Primary western dairy publication; features stories both current and archived can be read online.
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