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Simple Search is a keyword search of ALL fields in the record, including Title, Author, and Subject.

Enter any keyword or phrase and combine with AND/OR/NOT, if desired.

The wildcard or truncation symbol is an asterisk (*). This retrieves all variants of the root term. For example, searching for farm* would retrieve farm, farms, farming, farmland, etc.

Searches may also use the adjacency term n. A search for swamp n5 farm retrieves citations with the words swamp and farm no more than 5 words apart.

Power Search matches keywords or phrases found in specific fields: Keywords, Author, Title, Date, or Subjects.

Author searches may also use the wildcard truncation character (*). For example, Babcock S* will retrieve Babcock, S. ; Babcock, Stephen ; and Babcock, Sven.

The History link (top center) lists all the searches executed during your search session. From this screen, you can combine and re-execute searches to refine and customize your results. If you click on the Exit button, your search history is no longer available.


Using the broad category links allows you to browse the resources without typing in any search terms. The categories on subsequent screens become more and more specific. Ultimately, a list of resources is displayed. In cases where broad terms are links, they include only general resources on the topic. They do not repeat records found in the more specific subtopics.


Record display format

Brief format includes: Title, URL, Publisher, and Description. Click the title of any citation or Full (top left) to see the complete record.

Advancing through screens

Ten citations appear per screen. Use the arrows (top right) to advance one screen at a time. To jump further in the result set, click on a number.


Saving Records

The check box to the left of each entry can be used to mark the record. For the duration of your session, citations (in Full record format) will be placed in your Saved Records section. All records in the set can be saved at once with the Save All button.

To see your saved records, click on Saved Records (top center screen).

Printing or Emailing Records

Save any records you want to print or email (see above).

To print, use your browser's print function. To email, click on the Email button (top right) and type in your email address and click the Send button.


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