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Principal Investigator

  • A Human Factors Intervention to Reduce Risk in Primary Care of the Elderly
    • Funding: AHRQ, (R18SH017899), $850,714
    • Dates: 9/30/08-6/30/13
    • Description: Uses a randomized controlled field study with 4 clinics and 2300 patients to test a novel human factors engineering intervention to improve primary care physician situation awareness in order to reduce safety risks in primary care of elderly patients

  • Incorporating Health Information Technology into Workflow Redesign (w/Carayon)
    • Funding: AHRQ, (HHSA290200810036C), $494,028
    • Dates: 1/1/09-12/31/10
    • Description: Design a toolkit for use by small and medium size ambulatory primary care practices to guide them through the process of using health information technology to improve workflow

  • Proactive risk assessment of primary care of the elderly
    • Funding: AHRQ, (HHSA290200810036C), $199,147
    • Dates: 9/1/07 - 8/31/08
    • Description: This grant identified, analyzed and prioritized hazards in the primary care of the elderly

  • The Value of CPOE in Pediatric Inpatient Units and Its Impact on Safety and Work
    • Funding: NIH-NLM, (1R01LM008923-01A1), $1,017,723
    • Dates: 9/01/03-2/28/07
    • Description: This is a study evaluating the impact of computerized provider order entry (CPOE) in pediatric hospitals on medication errors, working conditions, and workflow.

  • Modeling the likelihood of violating medication error reduction protocols in hospitals: implications for work and information technology design
    • Funding: UW Graduate School, $31,470
    • Dates: 07/01/07 - 06/30/08
    • Description: This study was a secondary analysis of data to model the causes of violations of medication administration safety protocols in pediatric hospitals.

  • Bar Coding and Employee and Patient Safety
    • Funding: AHRQ, (1 R01 HS013610-01), $1,367,958
    • Dates: 07/01/07 - 06/30/08
    • Description: This grant evaluated the impact of bar coding technology for medication administration in pediatric hospitals on medication errors, working conditions, and workflow.

  • Nursing, technologies and medication management: new multidimensional measures of cost and quality (with Carayon and Murray)
    • Funding: Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Grant #61148, $300,000
    • Dates: 6/1/07-5/31/09
    • Description: This grant evaluates nursing contributions to medication management quality

  • Macroergonomic Work Analysis for Diagnostic Testing Process Improvement
    • Funding: Medical College of Wisconsin, $57,000
    • Dates: 05/01/02-8/31/03
    • Description: This study utilized a macroergonomic work system analysis as a method for improving diagnostic test ordering, processing, and result disseminating procedures in a large, urban multispecialty clinic.

  • Development of a medical error reporting system (MERS) in primary care settings
    • Funding:University-Industry Relations, $30,000
    • Dates: 7/01/01-6/30/02
    • Description: This study used a human factors engineering user-centered design methodology to develop a medical error reporting system for ambulatory clinics.

  • Organizational culture and job satisfaction among family physicians
    • Funding: Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement and Wisconsin Academy of Family Physicians, $10,000
    • Dates: 3/01/00-2/28/02
    • Description: This study modeled determinants of family physician satisfaction and commitment to their workgroup, practice, and parent healthcare organization.

Co-Investigator or Consultant

  • Midwest/Mountain Veterans Engineering Resource Center (VERC)
    • Funding: Department of Veterans Affairs, TBD
    • Dates: 9/2009-8/2012
    • Principal Investigator: Woodbridge - VA Health System Omaha, NB
    • Description: This is an engineering center grant involving a dozen VA Medical Centers and Universities to apply operations and systems engineering tools and methods to improve the quality and safety of veterans' healthcare in the US

  • Cardiovascular disease care and EMR use in community-based primary care practices
    • Funding: National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute, (1R21HL092046-01A2), $429,000
    • Dates: 8/2009-7/2011
    • Principal Investigator: Cohen -Robert Woods Johnson Medical School
    • Description: The purpose of this study is to evaluate EMR use in primary care clinics and its relationship to cardiovascular care.

  • Using Evidence-based Nursing Practices and EHR Decision Support to Reduce Fall-related Patient Injuries in Acute Care
    • Funding: AHRQ, (HHSA2902006000161), $387,369
    • Dates: 6/2009-1/2011
    • Principal Investigator: Hook - Aurora Health
    • Description: The purpose of this study is to design and test fall-specific clinical decision support for nurses and nursing assistants inpatient care.

  • Palliative Care for Cancer Patients in Emergency Wards
    • Funding: National Cancer Institute, (R25 CA116472), $1,230,745/li>
    • Dates: 9/2008-8/2010
    • Principal Investigator: Emanuelle-Northwestern
    • Description: For this study, palliative care training materials for cancer patients are developed for and evaluated in emergency wards

  • Training and Education to Advance Minorities in Science (TEAM-Science)
    • Funding: NIH-NIGMS, (1R25 GM083252-01), $2,300,000
    • Dates: 4/1/08 - 3/31/12
    • Principal Investigator: Carnes-UW
    • Description: The purpose of this training grant is to encourage underrepresented minority representation in science and engineering by providing fellowships to graduate students interested in research addressing women's health issues.

  • PhD Training in Population Health & Quality Improvement
    • Funding: AHRQ, T-32 Institutional training grant, (HS000083), $920,036
    • Dates: 2003-2008
    • Principal Investigator: Smith Director-UW
    • Description: The purpose of this training grant is to provide graduate training in population health, quality improvement and safety.

  • Custom computerized home care for cardiac patients
    • Funding: NIH-NLM, (LM 6249), $1,870,000
    • Dates: 5/15/04-5/14/08
    • Principal Investigator: WBrennan-UW
    • Description: This study evaluated the impact of a web technology to support visiting nurses who work with cardiac patients and to facilitate patient self-management.

  • Problem density, mental workload and medical error in primary care
    • Funding: AHRQ, (1R03 HS016026), $99,998
    • Dates: 9/2009-8/2012
    • Principal Investigator: Temte-UW
    • Description: This grant assessed the association between the number of problems evaluated and managed per unit time in primary care encounters, the resulting clinician mental workload, and the resultant propensity for quality and error.

  • Medication error reduction, technologies and human factors
    • Funding: AHRQ, (HS 14253), $460,531
    • Dates: 10/01/03-9/30/05
    • Principal Investigator: Carayon-UW
    • Description: The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of Smart IV Pumps on medication errors and working conditions.

  • Medication error: Prospective hazard and improvement analysis
    • Funding: UK National Health Systems, $125,158
    • Dates: 10/01/03-5/30/04
    • Principal Investigator: Karnon-University of Sheffield, UK
    • Description: This study developed methods for prospective hazard analysis and improvement for medication systems to reduce medication errors

  • Developmental Center for Evaluation and Research on Patient Safety-Systems Engineering Wisconsin Patient Safety
    • Funding: AHRQ, (P20 HS11561-01), $639,153
    • Dates: 10/01/01-9/30/04
    • Principal Investigator: Carayon-UW
    • Description: This grant created a developmental center for research in patient safety utilizing system engineering methodologies. It was the only developmental center grant awarded to an engineering department.

  • Quality Improvement in Nursing Homes
    • Funding: AHRQ, (R01 HS09746-01), $397,332
    • Dates: 4/1/98-3/31/00
    • Principal Investigator: Sainfort-UW
    • Description: This study evaluated relationships among job characteristics, organizational quality improvement initiatives, satisfaction, commitment and turnover among over 6000 nurse and nursing assistant from 76 nursing homes.

  • Development and validation of multimedia videotape job analysis for physical stress factors associated with musculoskeletal disorders
    • Funding: United Auto Workers & Daimler Chrysler, $300,000
    • Dates: 6/15/99-6/14/02
    • Principal Investigator: Radwin-UW
    • Description: This study evaluated physical risk factors among automotive plant employees using a novel video method and used them to predict musculoskeletal injury

  • Wisconsin Production Agriculture Intervention Evaluation
    • Funding: NIOSH, (RO1-OH03953-01), $216,000
    • Dates: 9/1/99-7/26/01
    • Principal Investigator: Chapman-UW
    • Description: In this study a diffusion of innovations paradigm was used to promote and evaluate the impact of cost-saving production technologies that would also improve safety, among vegetable, fruit, and nursery farmers in the US.

  • Wisconsin Community Partners for Healthy Farming Intervention
    • Funding: NIOSH, (U06/CCU517533-01), $579,000
    • Dates: 8/1/99-7/26/01
    • Principal Investigator: Chapman-UW
    • Description: In this study a diffusion of innovations paradigm was used to promote and evaluate the impact of cost-saving production technologies that would also improve safety, among vegetable, fruit, and nursery farmers in the US.

  • Childhood Agriculture Safety and Health Research
    • Funding: NIOSH, (R01 CCR514357-03), $35,000
    • Dates: 9/30/97-9/29/00
    • Principal Investigator: Chapman-UW
    • Description: This study assessed injury risk factors and injuries among child agricultural workers.

  • Medication use, and occupational injury: a case-control study
    • Funding: Schering-Plough ITG, $224,631
    • Dates: 7/1/97-6/30/99
    • Principal Investigator: Smith-UW
    • Description: This state-wide case control study evaluated whether drowsing medications were associated with an elevated risk of acute occupational injuries.
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