Enabling Asian Scripts

To view online content in native asian scripts, make sure you have the language support installed on your computer.

Mac OS X

Run Software Update to install new language packages, or find them online at Apple's Support Download site.

Update your Windows operating system with Windows Update or dowload Language Packs from the Microsoft Download Center.

Searching the Database

Catalog Search
You may learn more about searching the PAIR resource catalog by visiting our on-line tutorial. It discusses all aspects of conducting either a basic keyword or subject search, or a guided search within the database. It also has several other useful tips related to navigating the interface, developing search techniques, saving searches, and emailing search results.

Atlas Search
This function is located on PAIR's Atlas Search page, and requires that you have the Macromedia Flash plug-in installed on your computer. It allows you to narrow your search interest by visually browsing and selecting a specific country from an interactive map of Asia. If you would like to browse by country, but don't have the flash plug-in, you can also select from the text list on the lower left side of that page or Browse by Topic.


If you would like to Submit a Resource to the PAIR database or have further questions regarding the use of PAIR, send us an email at pair@library.wisc.edu.



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Catalog Tutorial Using Asian Scripts