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Author Short Stories & Essays
Benjamin Beine For Mature Audiences Only
Spencer Best The Thrift Store Chair
Laura Imming Tomahawk
Matt Landi The Implications of Loss
Ryan Nell You Understand What I'm Trying to Say Here, Right? 
Kelleen Nolan I Met Death Once
Andrew Polzin Just Doing It Professionally
Jessica Shank Going Home Again
Lindsay Wasicek The Magic of Medicine
Jacob Wood False Alarm

Author Poems
Anonymous Picking My Teeth
When It Rains
Some Great Mystery
History 101
Chris Bergum And She Can Breathe Again
Daniel Broadbent A Poem for a Friend
Allyson Edmark Ode to Manuel Antonio
Elizabeth Fleig The Struggle of the Rain
Jessica Haugen The Streets
Blake-Auler Murphy Life to Fruit Flies
Kelleen Nolan How Can I?
Nathan Northup Rain Falls Down
My Favourite Song
Jordan Raether Why Must Life Throw Lemons At You?
Eric Van Ramshorst By, A Vocal Sound Speaker
The Persistance of the Unattainable
Short Section 1
Rebecca Reinhold Dreamer's Season
Jane Thissen Asylum in Art
Mystery Drawer
In Distance We Dance
Sarah Wenman Going Home

Photographer Photos
Rachel Dieringer Daisy
Amanda Dlugopolski Minnesota Bridge
Joshua Hein Untitled
Katelyn Hoffman Bicycle Rabbit
Kristina Howard Untitled
Christina Kinney Untitled
Ruth Marco Untitled
Tyler Nellis Untitled
Katie Nolan Untitled
Cedarose Siemon My Night
Karlee Simkowski Untitled
Elizabeth Sisko Untitled
Jane Thissen Coming of Age

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