Ode to Manuel Antonio

By Allyson Edmark

I can feel the reflection of the stars in my eyes
They pierce my soul with indescribability.
The sand still warm from the heat of the sun
Floods the shoes under my feet as they’re flung off
In a fit of excitement and incredulity.

An inhibition has flown away…free at last!
   I wish I could fly to touch the stars.
I can fly: they appear so close.
I reach out and grab one and hide it down deep in my belly
Because it’s all mine.

The moon is magic they way it draws in the tide.
It rushes to meet me before I can catch it myself,
As if to say “Hi! Where have you been?”
Well I’m finally here! I didn’t know it was you
I was waiting for.

I did not know how much I’ve missed you,
As if we’ve met before!
Let me splash in your refreshing glory
And taste your salty bite
Ah, it’s never tasted so sweet!

I, in drenched attire,
So they convince me to change.
I race back, flying sand clinging to every part of me,
Then hear a certain crackling from behind
That lures me right back.

Bursts of red and blue fill the speckled sky
Like the best part of a flaming birthday cake.
Cries of joy escape my amazement
Because I never knew what perfect felt like
Until now.

"My Night"
 Photo By: Cedarose Siemon

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