Anonymous Author Compilation




Picking My Teeth

I climbed to the top
To run from what's loud;
I climbed past the trees
To feel like a cloud

I've swallowed the hearts
of 10,000 girls
I'm picking my teeth
On top of this world


When It Rains

So should I give this world my run,
And break my back out in the sun,
And rise on high, and soak in shame;
And when it rains
It's all the same.

Need I to fill my lungs with breath,
And scream and laugh and tear my chest,
And could I feel it in my brain;
And when it rains
It's all the same.

Should I jump in and wear a mask,
Or sit watch the playful laugh,
And they'll come in and know I'm plain;
And when it rains
It's all the same.

I'll sit on high and smoke my pipe,
And shift and sigh 'til morning light,
And contemplate that same refrain:
And when it rains
It's all the same.


Some Great Mystery

Out in the woods there
Resting on rocks,
I took in a breath
And took off my socks.
I looked at a mushroom
And it looked at me,
And as if to solve
some great mystery,
I asked the kind thing,
"So hey, what's your game?"

As it looked up at me
It's look was quite plain,
And the words that I heard
Never sounded more sane.

He said, "Son, don't you know
That we're all just the same?"

History 101

He sat looking past aisles
Of doldrums of smiles,
For miles and miles,
And yet all the while
He noticed her eyes,
And the way that she cried
Made him feel like the sun,
And it made his blood run

Just the feeling of the touch
Of her hand.

If there was just a way
Of making her stay
Perhaps she could understand



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