Why Must Life Throw Lemons at You?

By: Jordan Raether

This poem was submitted with a prelude honoring the author's mother, the inspiration of this work...


Why must life throw lemons at you?
How can I succeed with an anchor of worries?
When the sun illuminates rays of peace and hope and joy,
It is but a disguise covering up the essence of the despair we call life.
If God molded man in his own image, then why?
Does pain have purpose or misfortune have a cause?
The view from the clear vast square hospital window mirrored bad luck.
Gazing toward God’s creations twelve stories high,
Ever-changing weather, first snow then rains then again the beautiful sun.
As days turn to weeks which turn into months, nature’s leaves colors alter but the hospital room remains still.
Is bad luck fate, never having a chance for prevention?
You said if you decease, don’t make a scene or dwell on the past but rather celebration for new life.
Falling down and falling behind are learned lessons only when you return to your feet.
How can you stand full of courage in quicksand with loved ones in dire need?
Finding an answer to these questions; to destroy the lack of understanding is the answer.
The gravity of a stare from Death’s face confronts the heart of your soul with these burning questions.
Hurting to move for your bones ache, with each increment of movement, joints sloshing with friction.
Words are a gift when the tens of cold sores inhabit roof and bottom of your mouth, causing pain from battling your pronunciation.
As your outer beauty is continually stripped in a daily haze, with pale face, and cold hands,
Reaching further to show your outpouring folly, you quiver a loose smile my way.
For, with each yellow lemon of animosity follows a blessing that cannot be described by words.
Bed stricken, nurse on command, with wire after wire streaming from arm to machine.
As I read the monitor and decipher the heartbeats, I know you will be fine and your soul be free.
So now I know, with each yellow lemon comes a message as elementary as such,
“I will never leave you nor forsake you.


Photo By: Katie Nolan

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