In Distance We Dance

by Jane Thissen
I will float on a cloud
of purple gauze
swirling as the breeze
wafts you to me
and embrace                    the air around
you are not here
in bodily knowledge                  but next to me
                                                          around me
                                                                   filling me
we have walked a path
as one always
rarely in the same place
always in the same state
and I will run to meet you                    in the forest
find your spirit                                             in the shifting of the leaves
are you gone from this world                               into the next
or do you exist with me still                 
distant yet connected
we dance
we waltz with the wind              warm
                                                         without direction
round and round                        
your body rarely here
but spirit always
dancing with me
we rise above                    physical structure
it is our nature                  
ascending above
we soar towards                 the unknown
                                                   fly until something intriguing
                                                              brings us to rest for awhile
we learn
we delve deeper
we never stop
but always together
rarely in the same place
always in the same state

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