Fleeting Moments




Life to Fruit Flies                                                                                                                                           Short Section 1
By:  Blake-Auler Murphy					              By:  Eric Van Ramshorst
Sunlight on blood soaked                                                                                                  I am an infant dumbly crying for growth
pages, calls, runs to see                                                   Gently rocked in my cradle ignorant to what lies outside these wooden bars
lemon juice darkens over                                                          Scared of my mobile and the shadows that dance on the wall
candles hold our breath                                                            Letting loose my tears in accordance with my own selfish intent
until open                                                                                                Waiting to be held, whining for an embrace
Windows indoors and a fear                                                            Mute to my needs I sit in cry in comforts warming haze
of not meeting on the right date                                                                       As comfort sets I fall fast asleep
time this all out                                                                                                         Not ready to grow
slope inward, feel free but                                                                                       or Willing to escape
                        be alone                                                                                             or to be loved
stare steadily don't let the                                                                          AND the experience that goes with it
inevitable tears deter                                                                                            A drooling specimen I sit 
your vision clouded                                                                        Not adorable or cute but disgusting in my baby suit
as it may be                                                                                                   Feed me, carry me, complete me
Chug more in the sound 					     Because I’m not ready to be me.
                                      of shiny time station 
than our hopefully survived                   
peer pressure 
Gain wisdom until it seems 
to stupefy 
rotting out spring  
life to fruit flies 
This day is a dream in passing 
This life is an unmarked passage 
We are its beginning amassing 
from serene to savage                             



                                                                               Photo by Kristina Howard

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